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Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Or maybe you just want clarity on a decision that has you feeling confused. 

I got you!

Access a 22-minute HypnoBreathwork®  Clarity session, which offers you a powerful experience that will help you gain deep insights, see alternate perspectives, and identify your next intuitive action. 

About Carrie
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I help women go from mundane to magnetic by helping them discover what has been holding them back and create the joyous and abundant life of their dreams.

I spent my 20's working in the service industry, abusing my body with alcohol and substances, and finding my sense of self-worth in toxic relationships. In spite of the emptiness, I felt a deep knowing there was more to life than simply existing. I wanted freedom and joy. So in 2008 I quietly saved up $20,000 of my cocktail serving tips, ditched the toxic relationship and set off on a round the world backpacking journey in search of myself, in search of MORE. And while I was blown away by the sheer beauty of mother Earth and the amazing humans I connected with, I was blind to my own conditioning and subconscious programming - my toxic patterns followed me on my travels to 18 countries, to the soju bars of Seoul, South Korea where I taught English, and the clubs of New York City where I pursued my masters. 

 Wake up, work/study, party. Rinse and repeat.

But in 2013, I landed a summer internship in India and spent time at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Madurai and discovered  the holistic path of yoga known as the 8-limb path. In those two weeks I discovered an inner peace, harmony, gratitude, joy, love for myself and other humans that I never knew was possible.

I began a journey of falling in love. WITH MYSELF.

I continued deepening my relationship to myself through my  exploration of mediation and yoga throughout the years, while devouring everything on personal development, mindset, and manifestation.  But it wasn't until I discovered the life-changing modality of  HypnoBreathwork that I began to unravel my subconscious programming and beliefs and really tap into my intuition.

Today, I do not recognize the woman from my 20's and early 30's, and experience the joy and bliss on a daily basis that I was so desperate for back then.  I am a certified HypnoBreathwork facilitator and coach, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and Reiki energy healer. I released the grip of habitual alcohol consumption that I thought I needed in order to feel good, relaxed, and have a good time.  I have never felt more clear and alive. I have the marriage and family of my dreams and

pinch myself daily with the beauty and abundance that surrounds me.

If you are feeling stuck - if you are feeling mundane - 

please know that luminosity, peace, joy, bliss, and love is

your birthright and true nature. I am here to help you remember that.

My Offerings


Imagine breaking free from limiting beliefs, releasing old patterns, and unlocking your true potential. Experience profound transformation and tap into the infinite potential of your mind, body, and spirit with HypnoBreathwork.

Unlock the tremendous potential within you and embark on a holistic path to wellness. Incorporating ancient wisdom, pranayama breathing, and gentle movement, I can support you in cultivating a strong body, a calm mind, and a vibrant spirit.

Listen. Are you breathing just a little
and calling it a life?

– Mary Oliver

Client Love



I had such a transformative experience during my first Hypnobreathwork session with Carrie. I cannot remember feeling that relaxed and highly recommend for anyone who is seeking clarity, calm, or even wanting to try something new. As a fan of yogic breathing and meditation, I was curious to try Hypnobreathwork and found it to be an interesting mix of the two practices but so different, as well. The key difference and what resonated most with me is that Carrie curated the session with music and prompts to enable me to dig into answers hiding within myself. Carrie’s energy and guidance through the process made the experience what it was.  Thank you, Carrie, and I can’t wait for our next session!

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