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HypnoBreathwork® is an incredibly powerful modality to transform your health, relationships, career, and overall wellbeing. Using a trifecta of techniques, HypnoBreathwork combines the power of breathwork to release suppressed emotions and energetic patterns, with hypnosis for subconscious reprogramming, and visualization to fire new neural pathways. You can feel the benefits after one expansive session. 


As a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), I know firsthand through my training and my personal experiences with talk therapy that it can be a draining and lengthy process, and you can spend years of their life in therapy with minimal results.


The truth is that you need to access the subconscious mind to create sustained change, and the fastest, most effective way to do that is through breathwork.

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Experience the 
Release stress and anxiety
Rewire limiting beliefs
Expand creativity
Develop sense of wellbeing
Improve focus and mental clarity
Connect to your   purpose
Connect to your
Higher Self
Release toxins from the body
Unleash energy
Improved sleep

“One transformational breathwork session is equivalent to about
two years of psychotherapy.”
- Henry Rohrberg


HypnoBreathwork is a cutting-edge practice that integrates the power of conscious breathing clear stuck energy, hypnotic suggestion to access the subconscious mind, and visioning to fire new neural pathways. By combining these three modalities, we unlock the full potential of your subconscious mind and activate your body's innate healing abilities. This powerful synergy allows you to access deep states of relaxation, heightened awareness, and profound inner exploration.

HypnoBreathwork allows us to reconnect deeply with our intuition, and rewrite, rewire and replace any old stories, habits and beliefs with a new state of consciousness. By changing the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body, we can enter the theta brain wave state, giving us a portal to our subconscious mind. We can create new neural pathways and access flow state, facilitating different perspectives, new solutions, amplify your clarity, and supercharge your creativity.

Upcoming In-person Events
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Reignite Your Resolutions: A Manifestation HypnoBreathwork® Workshop

 Sunday, January 28

10:30 AM ET 

Laughing River Yoga
Burlington, VT

Are you ready to go from mundane to magnetic and tap into the limitless power within you? Allow me to guide you on transformative adventure with HypnoBreathwork and unlock the key to living a more empowered, fulfilled, and vibrant life. Contact me today to schedule your 15-minute clarity call to connect and learn how HypnoBreathwork can uplevel your life and facilitate the creation of your dream life. Capitalize on limited time introductory beta pricing today and begin your journey towards self-discovery and personal transformation. 

The power is in your breath.

Introduction to HypnoBreathwork® Session 

Regular investment: $222

Introductory beta investment: $11

I offer all new clients a 90-minute introductory journey via Zoom. 

The session includes an overview of breathwork fundamentals, a demo of the breathing technique, a 30-minute breathwork session, and processing & integration. Looking forward, we will create a roadmap of what you want to focus on.

3 Session HypnoBreathwork® Transformation 

Regular investment$600

Introductory beta investment: $350

After our intro session, I offer three 60-minute weekly transformations via Zoom curated to meet your desires and the areas of life you want to work on. 

The intensive format allows us to build on previous sessions, navigate any resistance, and ultimately transform your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Welcome to your expansion. 

If you have questions, book your free 15-minute clarity call today 

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